Bio & Statement

Patricia Whalen Keck is a figurative sculptor who is inspired by the art works of early cultures and the natural world. The core of her practice is the solitary figure. Using the principles of balance and movement she is able to create a form that is expressive and timeless. Appearing to be suspended in the moment her sculptures project a feeling of contemplation and elegance. Through the additions of animal imagery that act as modifiers, she is able to create works that convey layers of meaning. Her depiction of the human form as a subject represents her interest in the integrity of individuals as well as the role they play in society. It serves as a vehicle for her ideas concerning the themes of war and the fragile nature of life. The subject of much of her art is informed by life experiences, personal concerns, gender roles, and random observations, thus reflecting a wide range of thoughts.

She was born and raised in central Illinois and is a long-time resident of Peoria, Illinois and an active member of the art community. As an art educator she understands the value of seeing art in our daily lives and is dedicated to those who work to make art visible to the public. She holds a degree from Illinois State University in Art Education having taught young people for more than twenty years; in 1999 she received an MA in Liberal Studies from Bradley University and in 2016 received an MA in sculpture from Bradley University and completed her MFA in Sculpture from Bradley University in 2018. After maintaining a studio at the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria for twenty years Patricia moved to a new location at The Mill, located in the newly renovated Warehouse District where she maintains two studios.